Centro Vida Nueva Huesca

Website of the new life center in Huesca. Find out more about who they are and how the center advances.

Vida Nueva News

Informative web page about events and activities related to the New Life rehabilitation centers in Navarra.

Letters from monitors

Space created by the Nueva Vida Navarra team, to get to know them in a closer way. This space will help you better understand the environment that surrounds and permeates New Life.

Centro Vida Nueva Lleida

Website of the new life center in Lleida. Discover who they are and find out about the projects they are working on. You can also read its history and the values that preside over this association.

Vida Nueva Testimonies

Learn more about the New Life shelter centers through this "blog". Created to share experiences and testimonies of people who live or have lived in the rehabilitation centers Vida Nueva, in Navarra.