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Vida Nueva Staff

Data 2017


social educators


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The center has 14 professionals on staff.

In addition, it has 223 members and 273 active volunteers, of which 87 (32% of the total) are permanent volunteers. There has been an increase of 9%. The latter attend weekly to the center to help in the different tasks of attention to users and operation of the center.

The average age of volunteering that ranges around 41 years: 15% are in retirement age, 45% are between 35 and 60 years and 40% are under 35 years. Due to this, many do their volunteering after attending their work or their studies. The students, during the summer period, increase their collaboration. However, all volunteers offer help in the name of benevolence, and with an extraordinary level of commitment, contributing their knowledge and skills to the good work of Vida Nueva, while collaborating closely with the monitors and project leaders.


24% of them have been registered in some of the intervention programs offered by the association or are relatives of a user. This factor is of great value, since they bring hope to the beneficiaries and are a reference to imitate for those who are in the center. This commitment of the people with the projects and users of the voluntary center with the projects and users of the center, makes our volunteering very stable, which results in quality and excellence of work.

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