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What we do

The New Life Center was born in response to a social need that hit Navarre in the 1980s, drug addiction. A group of drug addicts asked for help in a parish and a team of 4 volunteers decided to host them altruistically in their homes and offer them social help.


Soon, due to the increase in requests for help, the need to give an associative structure to the project was seen. Thus, on January 13, 1988, Asociación Cristiana Vida Nueva was constituted and registered as a non-profit organization, with the general objective of sheltering and rehabilitating socially excluded persons.


Over the years the social needs that knocked on the door were changing, but attending any request for help is one of the principles of the association that remains unchanged. This principle has given the center a great flexibility and has allowed the creation of intervention projects adapted to the social needs that have been presented and their different problems, all of them having as a common factor working in the person.


Altas del programa

entry routes

Pamplona Penitentiary Center 

Under the collaboration and supervision of the Treatment Board, and the different Social Services of the Prison, information, care and follow-up are provided_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_of inmates serving sentences with addiction problems before entering prison, offering them the possibility of entering the Vida Nueva Center in compliance with_cc781905-5cde-bb-31 -136bad5cf58d_substitute sentence.

Hospital complex

from Navarre

and the Salud Mental network (Mental Health Centers, Acute Clinic del Hospital de Navarra, Day Hospitals and Rehabilitation Clinic)

The Social Worker of these institutions gets in contact with the Social Worker of the Vida Nueva Center and, together with the medical team, the possibility of attending is evaluated and_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_helping the person in vulnerability within the Association. If the assessment is positive, income is proceeded.


Grassroots Social

As a gateway to social aid the Basic Social Service refers, according to the needs detected, to people at risk or in a situation of exclusion_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_social to the New Life Center.

direct request

Of the interested party or the family.

Projects ofintervention


People in situations of social emergency and high vulnerability, who are homeless and unable to support themselves financially by their own means, are cared for. Immigrants without work permits settled in the Comunidad Foral de Navarra fit this description, people who for various reasons cannot access the Guaranteed Insertion Income, women who have suffered gender-based violence, ethnic and cultural minorities...


Situation analogous to the previous program, but aimed at families or part of them. A group of special attention are single-parent families; mostly women with little professional qualification and with a minor in their care.


People in vulnerability due to mild or moderate mental disorders who, after evaluation by the public psychiatric services, do not require admission to a specialized institution, but which, nevertheless, is necessary. However, it is necessary to work in the social insertion of these people, since with the passage of time, without adequate help, it happens that they evolve towards permanent social exclusion. An example of this are people with a tendency to depression.


People who have a psychiatric treatment, such as people treated within the "Mental Disorder" program, but with the aggravating circumstance of having suffered a psychotic break due to a behavioral addiction.


This includes people in a situation of social exclusion who present as an aggravating factor having suffered addictive dependencies of various natures (gambling, toxic, sexual, new technologies...) and maintain at the time of their application for admission a risk of relapse into dependency. Mostly due to drug use.

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